Saturday, January 4, 2020

Christmas Boxers!

Gift giving occasions often involve new boxers for the men in my family! I've made this pattern (Simplicity 9958) sooo many times now! The question is always just which fabrics to choose....

My husband spent a lot of time this fall chopping up the pieces of our tree that was taken down recently. So when I randomly spotted a log print at JAF, I just had to get it for him. The Marine Corps print was a new one that Thing 2 spotted and begged for....and I told him he had to forget all knowledge of it, since Christmas was coming. These are size men's S, with a shortened hem based on his preference.

Thing 2 of course needed a pair of the Marine Corps print. And then I had six or seven cut out pairs sitting around, waiting for I chose the fun kitty print to finish up for his stocking. These are boys' size XL. Hopefully they'll fit for awhile. I need to get those other pairs sewn up before he outgrows them.....

And Thing 1 couldn't be left out. These fabrics are from a coop purchase a couple years ago. They were always intended for boxers for Thing 1, but I hadn't gotten around to them until now. And I wanted to avoid purchasing more fabric close to Christmas, so I found these on the shelf and stitched them up. He wears mens' size XS.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Christmas PJ Pants

Silly me did not remember to take pics before mailing out some of the gifts, but I did grab these out of my kids' rooms to take one. This is Simplicity 8022, my new go-to for my younger son. I bought the Blackhawks fleece during a sale over the summer, and it's been waiting for Christmas. I have been making his PJ pants a size child/teen M, with smaller SAs for the fleece. But I went up to child/teen L for this one, as I want it to fit longer.

My older son doesn't normally wear PJ pants, but I saw the gamer flannel at JAF one day and thought it would be perfect. He was having surgery right after Christmas, so I thought he might like a pair of soft flannel lounge pants during his recovery. This is the teen/adult size L.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Finally....the Star Wars Cardigan

The Star Wars cardigan that has been mentioned but never before pictured!

The fabric was a JAF purchase - on sale, naturally. The pattern is the Cocoon Cardigan, from Patterns for Pirates. I sewed this for a wedding held on May the Fourth. (May the Fourth be with you?) This is tunic length with three-quarter sleeves and short bands. I wasn't going to add the patch pockets - I was under deadline - but pockets are life! So I took the extra time and was really glad I did!

The pattern doesn't call for stabilizing the shoulder seams, but I was concerned about growth because of how stretchy the fabric is. So I cut strips of rib knit against the grain and used that to stabilize the shoulders. I did the same just behind the topstitching to anchor the pockets in place, then I cut them away near the stitching. It adds virtually no bulk but helps give more strength to the pocket attachment. And I added short "cuffs" instead of hemming the sleeves.

I plan to make more - I have two fabrics waiting for time. One is another Star Wars knit, and another is a Christmas paw print knit.....maybe I'll get that one sewn up over the holidays!

Friday, December 20, 2019

New twirly skirt!

My niece looooves her twirly skirts. I hear about it frequently, and I get to see them in action in pictures that her parents post! So when I stopped into a JAF with no plan in mind, I spotted the Christmas fabric on sale and just had to make her a new skirt to wear at Christmas. This is yet another Rachel skirt - I clearly haven't blogged all the ones I made, but there are quite a few.

Both the stripes and the gingerbread fabrics have a glittery metallic texture. I think they look like a lot of fun together! I lengthened the skirt a bit and basically just used the pattern for the measurements. The trim ruffle is doubled to avoid the need to hem. And both the main and trim pieces are done at 2:1 fullness. Since my serger decided that it didn't want to gather ruffles this week, I had to do them the old fashioned way, by zigzagging over thick crochet thread and then manually pulling the gathers and arranging them. Not. Fun. But I think she's going to love the finished result!

As usual, the doll skirt is a free online pattern.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

More cardigans!

So my niece loved her cardigan prototype! And she wanted more. So what's an aunt to do but oblige? I had this knit print that I picked up somewhere, and it yielded enough for one cardigan for my niece (size 10 - the 8 fit her perfectly so I wanted some growth room), one cardigan for a friend's daughter (not pictured but identical except a size 2T), and one doll cardigan (pattern).

I went with the same pattern options as before - patch pockets, tunic length, short bands, and three-quarter sleeves. I used a rib knit cut against the grain to stabilize the shoulders and just behind the top of the pockets. And I added bands instead of hemming the sleeves. Way too lazy for that!

No changes to the pattern for the doll cardigan!

These are going in the box for her birthday present - I hope she loves them just as much as the last ones!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Picture Day!

Thing 2 has a habit of wearing Mama-made shirts - usually with Mama-made ties! - for picture day. He's done this for the last four years at least (as I try to tick off the shirts in my memory), but shockingly I've apparently never blogged them?  Anyway, this was stitched the night before picture day, and somehow I was done by 11 pm. I used Fashion Sewing Supply's Pro-Welft Fusible Interfacing and the tutorial from Gigi Sews to add a lined yoke. This is M2146, size XL. He still has some room to grow in it, thank goodness!

And just check out that pattern matching across the front! I'm ridiculously pleased with it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More PJ Pants!

Thing 2 had a birthday recently, and he needed some smaller gifts to go with the bigger one we'd already gotten. So PJ pants were my immediate idea! The milk and cookies flannel has been in my stash for a long time - I eked this pair out of what I had! And the Chicago Blackhawks woven fabric was from a sale earlier this summer. (I also have some fleece for Christmas PJ pants - shhh! Don't tell him!)

The milk and cookies pair was S8022, size M. I wasn't sure how it would do in a flannel (although I believe flannel was listed as a recommended fabric), so I did the 3/8" SAs again. The Blackhawks pair is KS 3042 size XL. The others that he has in that pattern and size have some decent growth room, so I figured these would last awhile. The fabric was too expensive to want him to outgrow it quickly!