Monday, August 20, 2007

No sewing so far this month....

I went back to work in the middle of July, and my poor sewing machine is feeling neglected. I know that I haven't sewn anything in August, and I think that I sewed only one or two things in the latter half of July. This needs to change! However, it's not as though I'm totally slacking on crafting - I have at least been crocheting.

There are numerous pregnant women at church (I think eight at last count!), and so there will be numerous baby showers coming up in the next several months. A bib or two and a box of diaper disposal sacks make a nice present.

I make the bibs using nice thick washcloths that I get from Meijer in twelve-packs of assorted colors. (Thin washcloths will also work, but they are naturally less absorbent.) A food can works well as a template for cutting neckholes, and then I serge the cut edges. (Prior to getting a serger, I applied Fray-Block to the cut edges, which also worked well. The edges do fray over time, but it literally took 1-2 years and repeated washings for this to happen on the bibs I made for Thing 1.) I use various edging patterns to finish the bibs (some examples) and then apply a snap for a closure. I have also successfully used ties (7 inches or less to reduce risk of strangulation) or Velcro.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A compliment on my baby carrier!

I was in the public library recently with Thing 2 in the baby carrier, and someone came up and asked me if it was an Ergo carrier. What a cool compliment! She had an Ergo carrier and loved it, so I was even more flattered that she mistook mine for an Ergo. Now I feel even better about making some for gifts.

And actually, I have already talked to a mother-to-be about making one for her baby gift. (Even though it only took me 4-5 hours to make mine, I don't want to spend the time and money on supplies only to find that she doesn't like it but can't return or exchange it.) She was very interested, especially when I told her that the weight is distributed away from your back! So I got her color preferences and will hopefully get supplies and start making it this week.