Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another drawstring backpack!

So I said last time that I'd make this pattern again, and I did!  Thing 1 was going on a school field trip, and they were allowed to take their electronics, as well as a change of clothes.  But he wasn't taking his backpack, which made me go, hmmm???  So I figured he'd like a smaller backpack for carrying his stuff.  (Because even if *he* wasn't concerned - yet! - about misplaced game cartridges, etc., I was concerned!)

Since I didn't have to worry about arena requirements this time, I made the size Medium (the largest size in the pattern).  I dug this green twill out of the dim recesses of stash....I only had scraps left, which dictated putting a pocket onto both the front and the back, since I didn't have enough to cut a full back piece.  I figured if nothing else, he could stick a notebook in the back pocket.

I didn't have any matching green zippers, so I used black, then tied that in with the cords and the strap for the D-ring.  This time, I used thicker paracord that I found at Home Depot - both cheaper and more sturdy than the cord I'd gotten from JAF!  I got several colors, so I plan to have fun with this.

And I remembered to put the zipper in the opposite direction.  I don't think that Thing 1 will notice or care, but it's something I added to the notes I made on the pattern.

The lining is a Pokemon print I bought to make a lunch bag.  Seeing as that never happened, I thought the drawstring bag was more important.  I used a blue zipper on the inside pocket, just for fun.

This size is right about the same as my current (not sewn) drawstring backpack, so I think it's what I'll make for my next project bag.  I like these bags for storing crochet projects, because they're so easy to grab and go with.  And great for stashbusting and using small pieces of prints that I love but just can't see what to use them with!  I can totally see myself having multiple sewn drawstring bags....I'm sure it won't take long.

Oh, yeah - and my son loved the surprise of his drawstring backpack!