Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I'm stalling on studying for an exam by (finally!) updating my blog. Oops. Not my smartest move. Oh,'s not as though there's that much to update yet.

This is a doll quilt that is for Thing 1 to give a friend at her birthday party on Saturday. When I asked him what she liked, he said, "Girl stuff." Funny, but not terribly helpful! :) So our choices came down to a (girly) cape or a doll quilt, and he decided that she'd like the doll quilt better. I pulled out scraps and let him choose which ones to use, and then once I'd cut the squares, he arranged them the way he wanted. Now I have the squares assembled, the quilt sandwich quilted, and the binding ready. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the binding fabric to be able to make it as bias binding, but I think straight-grain binding will be fine for a doll quilt. So hopefully tomorrow night I can stitch it on and then probably handsew it down while watching TV. I hope.

I'm also in the midst of Stack One of boy pants, as a friend calls it. These are the lighter weight pants, and I hope to have that stack done this weekend. But that may be superseded by The Shirt #2. I have cut out a corn fabric shirt for The Husband and fused the interfacing to the necessary pieces. If I can get it done this weekend, I can sneak it into his bag for a surprise once he reaches Hawaii on Monday. :) That is my goal. Hopefully I won't have too many emergencies to interrupt my pursuit of said goal. Then I could finish the boy pants early next week, while he's gone.

I also stitched together red fleece strips for binding, and I pinned them to a new flannel blanket for Thing 1. So hopefully I can get that stitched down quickly and get the blanket into the rotation. We'll see....And then there's all the blankets to be made for the new babies at church - yikes!