Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not much to see here....

But I did get three flannel pillowcases done out of stash...Stash that's been around a few years, at that! And for a closer look at the fabric...
Those are for three sisters for Christmas. There was talk of getting musical prints, but then I looked at my shelves and said, "These things need to go first!" So that's what I cut...besides, flannel pillowcases are really nice in winter.

And then I started in on this project:
Scary, isn't it? I tore apart my sewing room to Get Rid of Stuff I Don't Need. Which in turn led me to find UFOs so old I'd forgotten I ever had them! Like this:

Which is being made out of this:
And since it's so cool and is going so well, and since I already had all the strips cut out, I figured it'd be a good "in front of the TV" project. So this one can stay. Two other crochet projects are so close to being finished that I'm keeping them, too. But all the others are going to more worthy finishers. When possible, I'm including the pattern with the project so that someone else can make an informed decision about finishing versus ripping. But really, that's just up to them. Because I can't go on with this giant mess!