Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby gifts

Two people I know just had their first babies, so it was time to pull out some onesies for embellishment!  The onesies in the left column are all long-sleeved 0-3 m size, and the others are all short-sleeved 3-6 m.  The blue shirt in the bottom is a 24m, for my niece.  I had some fun with these!  The red and green dinosaurs are for one friend's baby boy, and all the girl onesies are for the other friend's new baby girl.

I also made a baby sling for the baby girl.  Her mother's favorite color is blue, so I found a sky-blue linen look fabric at JAF and made a single layer sling, edging the sides with homemade bias tape from a tonal turquoise butterfly print.  I think it turned out super cute!  I hope that she likes it!  The sling rings were passed on by a member of my online sewing group, so this is my first time using real sling rings, as opposed to steel ones from the hardware store.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday PJs

A friend's son recently had a birthday.  This is the same kid who got the baseball jammies for his birthday two years ago.  Apparently he loves them, so I figured a new pair of PJs would be a good thing.  I bought this flannel on Black Friday a year or two ago, specifically intended for boy PJs, so it was time to break it out.  Last time, I made him a size XS, with two inches added in the legs.  Since I wasn't able to get measurements from his mom, I just went up a size (she said the previous pair fit perfectly now).  

I heard that he loves them!  Woohoo!