Thursday, January 23, 2014

More PJ pants....

Once again, my TNT of M3006.

My BFF loved her walrus PJ pants last year so much that she told me she would wear them until they rotted off!  Well, I don't think they're in danger of that any time soon, but I did think that when the walrus flannel was available on Black Friday again that perhaps I should make her another pair for that sad day.  This pair has a red drawstring instead of white.

Another friend loves foxes, so when I saw this fox flannel, I just had to get it!  (It wasn't even Black Friday - can you believe it?)  This is a birthday gift for her.

And finally we have something for ME!  When Thing 1 was taking a college for kids class last summer, Thing 2 and I found ourselves with several hours a day to fill.  One of those days, we visited a new-to-me Hancock Fabrics, where I found this woven kachina print.  I figure that I haven't made myself a new pair of PJ pants in some time, so it was high time I did.  With the help of a 50% off coupon, this beautiful print has been biding its time on the shelf ever since.  I did make the buttonholes for a drawstring, in case I want to add one later, but I don't use them hardly ever, so I left it out for now.

And then I revisited the northwoods-ish flannel PJs.  My friend loved her birthday gift, but sadly, despite using the same pattern size as the previous pair, they were too snug through the hips.  Also, I had not written my notes clearly enough, and so I needed to add an additional 3 inches of length.  Since I couldn't get any more of the print, I used the navy to add "racing stripes" to get an additional inch of ease on each side, and then I added 3 inch cuffs at the bottom.  I think that they overall look as though they were intended to be that way, for which I am relieved.

Monday, January 20, 2014

"Christmas" PJ sets

I finished two sets of PJs last week.  These are both out-of-town Christmas gifts.  (In case you haven't noticed by now, I kind of take a lax approach to getting the out-of-town Christmas gifts done....they're often mailed sometime in January.)  

The first set of PJs is for my aunt.  She's gotten these cow PJs and these cow PJs in the past, and now she's getting these cow PJs!  (Can you sense a theme?  She works for a company that makes dairy products, and so she loves to collect cow things.)  This particular flannel print was purchased from JAF on Black Friday in 2009, so it's been well-aged. ;)  I am on a kick to try to reduce the amount of fabric sitting on my shelves - or at least ensure reasonable turnover - so I decided that this year she should get the last stashed length of cow flannel.  (Also, I just realized that there has been an eerie pattern at work, and she's now been gifted cow flannel PJs in 2009, 2011, and 2013.  I really had no such pattern in mind!)  The shirt is M5504, and the pants are M3006 - both size L.  I really made no changes, other than adding the drawstring to the pants.  Hopefully she likes them!

Then we have my friend who got the northwoods-ish flannel PJs for her birthday in November.  She had also asked for a pair of lighter-weight jammies, so I dug into my stash and found this Tigger print - pretty sure that was $1-2 per yard at WM in MS, so a bare minimum of 7.5 years ago!  I did have to buy the yellow print to go with it, but that was fine.  These are the same patterns as the cow PJs, but size M for both.  And I brought the print neckband to the front to try to tie the set together a bit.  Hopefully my friend loves them!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More blankets!

Since I was buying ridiculously cheap fleece as the backings for my sons' new Christmas blankets, I decided to finally get backings for two lengths of fleece that have been stashed for several years (at least three, probably longer....I'd have to check my records).  Both of these were purchased at HF.

I have always enjoyed the Mr Men/Little Miss books - they're hilarious!  I remember quite a few from my younger days - especially Mr Bump.  (I'm pretty sure that was the one most similar to me.)  So when I saw this hilarious fleece, I had to watch for a sale to buy it!  I briefly toyed with the idea of PJ pants or a lounge shirt out of it, but I realized my husband would never let me live it down.  Instead, it became a blanket!

And I've been a sucker for Veggie Tales ever since King George and the when I saw this Christmas fleece on the clearance table, well, I had to get it.  I love the tie-dyed green fleece I used to bind it, too.  That's the same fleece I used for Cooper's dinosaur costume.

These are snuggly warm - just in time for the polar vector that hit recently.  I was very happy to have them finished, and they used up quite a bit of yardage!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


So what girl didn't read Nancy Drew books as a kid, right?  Well, I definitely read more than my fair share.  When I first saw this book print, I amused myself reading the titles and trying to remember basic plotlines for each.  But I didn't really see a need for it, so I left the fabric at the store.....and then Thing 1 had a need for a book print as a backdrop for a presentation.  Due to time constraints, I ended up calling around to various quilt stores, in search of anything that would kind of look like a library backdrop.  A new to me local quilt store had this print in stock - and it was even on clearance!  Well, sold!  I'll take whatever you have left (which ended up being two yards).  

Fast forward a few weeks, and the fabric has done its duty and served as a backdrop.  Now I need to do something else with it, so that it doesn't just sit in the stash.  We went to my favorite local quilt store for their New Year's sale, and I spotted the magnifying glass print.  So I decided that my aunt needed a set of pillowcases with these fabrics.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I didn't have enough (with this very unidirectional print) to make two pillowcases, but, hey, she lives alone.  One is fine!  So I trimmed the book spines with the magnifying glasses, and I have enough left to do something else....maybe a box bag or two later on.  For now, I'm just amused that my aunt's Christmas present (2013) is still not quite finished, but her birthday gift (Sept. 2014) is done.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Pajama Pants Family

Yep, I'm still finishing up out-of-town Christmas presents!  I have frequently given flannel PJ pants to my brother and sister-in-law, but I think it's been a couple of years now.  (Just checked my blog listings, and it looks as though it's been 2 years.  Guess my memory is working.)

My brother recently went back to school, and he mentioned that he was (among many other much more important things) hoping to "prove to my sisters (who both have ridiculous amounts of college educations) that I can do what they did." So I thought that a "brainiac" flannel would be hilarious for new PJ pants for him.  This is a Black Friday purchase from JAF from either 2011 or 2012.  As usual for him, I modified the fly to be real, and added a snap to keep things closed.  The drawstring is bias tape I had on hand - stitched it down first.

My sister-in-law is really into mother-daughter dressing, so I figured that I could contribute to that.  I've had this flannel (another Black Friday purchase from JAF) for a few years - I might have even moved it from our previous house.  But it worked out well, because I was just barely able to eke both pairs of PJ pants out of it.

The two adult pairs are B6887 - my TNT pattern for them - and the toddler pair is KS SFT side-seam pants (size 2T).  I don't know my niece's waist measurement, so I used the standard elastic lengths given in the book.  These will hopefully be mailed out this weekend, along with a bunch of hand-me-down jackets for the future.