Friday, March 8, 2013

PJ pants

I think we're finally at the end of the Christmas posts.  I hope so, anyway!  These two gifts are the ones that got the best reviews, I have to say.  The shoes flannel was a Black Friday purchase from JAF.  I had made three pillowcases out of it last year for the teenage daughters of a friend, and this year, I used the remaining yardage for PJ pants for their older sister.  I had no idea just how well that would go over!  Most inspired fabric choice ever, it seems!

Well, actually, that honor may have to go to the walrus flannel.  Also a Black Friday purchase, but one that I knew at the time was inspired!  One of my bestest buddies looooves walruses, so when I saw that flannel, I knew that she had to have it!  And I was right!  She was so excited to unwrap her walrus PJ pants!  (There's even enough left for a pillowcase for her birthday - shhh! Don't tell her!)  They even have a version in the ultra cuddle fleece!

I used my TNT PJ pants pattern for these - M3006.  Works great every time.

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