Saturday, October 22, 2011

And a PJ set....

My aunt loves her flannel PJs, and I try to add to her collection every year. This is only the second PJ shirt I've made her, though. Since she loved the cow set a couple years ago, I thought it would be good to make some more sets. So I bought coordinating flannel at the last Black Friday - just didn't get it sewn up last year, thanks to moving.

The shirt is a very vibrant fuschia tie-dye flannel. I used M5504 (raglan sleeve) for it. (I have also made myself a PJ shirt out of it - boring brown so no need to post - and I can vouch that it's comfy.) It's a quick shirt to sew up - nothing fancy. I did use the pants fabric for the neck facing, to tie it together. I thought about turning the facings to the outside but decided not to for this one.
A cute cow print flannel for the pants - my standard M3006. I really wanted a drawstring that matched the shirt but couldn't find any twill tape or bias tape that was the right color. Oh, well....
The set together. I think she'll be pretty happy with it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

PJ brigade!

If I'm churning out PJ pants, you know Christmas must be coming! This is a standard, go-to Christmas gift for family/friends, especially adults. Who couldn't use a comfy, cozy pair of flannel PJs?

This first pair is for a friend. I use M3006 as my standard PJ pants for women. These pants are from JAF Black Friday flannel - I think I bought it last year. She got a set of matching pillowcases last year, and this year she gets the PJs.
For another friend, who loves the PJ pants I've made for her. I think this is only the third pair now, and her mom told me last year that she really loved the pair I made her five years ago, so I figured she definitely needed more! Also a JAF Black Friday purchase - this was supposed to be for my aunt, who got a pillowcase from it last year. But I must not have purchased quite enough, or it shrank more than expected. My aunt needs a size bigger, and there just wasn't enough length for it. (Since my aunt is taller, I didn't want to gyp her on length, and I just thought that adding white cuffs would look funny.) My aunt's loss is my friend's gain, though! And I still didn't have enough length to turn up a hem, so these legs are bound with white nylon-lycra.
PJ pants for my brother - for whom I use B6887, with adjustments for a working fly. This is a chamois flannel shirting, also from JAF, which I purchased about 2-3 years ago to test a long-sleeved shirt pattern for DH. However, he didn't want any long-sleeved shirts, so I shoved the flannel in my stash and pulled it out this year for my brother. I think he'll really like it!
PJ pants for my DSIL - also B6887, but adjusted for her (including no working fly!). This horse print flannel is one of several lengths of flannel that she and my brother gave me for Christmas six years ago, before they were married. I thought it was perfect to pull out for her, since I hadn't gotten around to using it yet.
Looney Tunes boxers (S9958) for a friend's husband. He's a LT fanatic, and I had this print leftover from making him a scrub shirt. I think he'll love it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More baby gifts...

First, the motorcycle newborn gown mentioned previously. I forgot to blog about it when I finished it! For this, I ended up cutting the front/back pieces from black interlock. I was able to reuse the shirt sleeves, which have a great design (like the front applique), and I used strips of grey from the shirt as the neck binding, which I liked better than futzing around with turning the edge under. And then I think the image I fused to the front is just gorgeous. The back is an eagle image that was on the back of the shirt - my DH really liked it, so it had to go on. I hope they like the newborn gown!

And last is a boppy cover. My mom found an icky colored boppy pillow for my DSIL, and I agreed to make a few covers. I found free instructions online - don't remember where at the moment - and this is my test. The horse print flannel is leftover from making PJ pants for DSIL for Christmas. ;) I'm waiting to hear how it fits before I do anything else.