Thursday, April 24, 2008

A baby shower!

I helped host a baby shower for a colleague earlier this week! We had a good time - made it about food and gifts, no shower games. (The three of us hosting did it the way we would have wanted it!) So, of course, I sewed some gifts! The baby is expected to be a boy, and the mother is crazy about Jeff Gordon. So I made a Jeff Gordon flannel baby blanket, using a Jeff Gordon camo print I found at JAF. Woohoo! I was planning to get a dark background NASCAR print for the reverse, but by the time I went back with the next available coupon, it was gone. Sniff! But I used a plain black flannel from stash instead, and I think it was just fine. I used a matching Jeff Gordon fleece print from Wal-Mart as the binding.

But the real hit of the gift bag was the corn bag, much to my surprise. Oh, sure, she loved the blanket, but the corn bag was for her! I used muslin for the bag itself, and it is stuffed with dried corn. Then I used remnants from her Jeff Gordon scrub shirt to make the outer cover. Once I explained what the bag was and how to use it, she got pretty excited! And she told me at work today that she's used it and it's great. Hmm....guess everyone else at work will get one for Christmas. :)

Next up, hopefully this weekend, will be the next shoes for Thing 2 (they're cut but haven't had a stitch put into them yet) and possibly the new blankets for both Things 1 and 2. We'll see...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random mutterings....

Thing 2's new shoes were a hit! DMIL started talking about how popular the soft-soled leather baby shoes were, and DBIL informed her that I had sewn them. (He remembered from the discussion at Thanksgiving.) She seemed very surprised! Guess that means they look as good to her as they do to me. :) And despite the fact that they look enormous, both on and off Thing 2's feet, he gets around on them just fine.

I have traced the appropriate size of the MTY pattern to try out on the next shoes, and now I'm torn between using some leather or trying it in denim. Either way, I think I'll wait for the Toughtek to use on the soles. And either way, it'll be thrifted materials - I have the thrifted leather from jackets, and I have thrifted denim from old jeans. So we'll see....I think I'll line them in flannel scraps leftover from making bedding. That would be cute!

I also need to cut up and serge some corn bags. I was happy to see my YTD yardage stats change once I finally sewed again, and the corn bags are quick and easy. Plus it means more stuff done in advance of Christmas/birthdays, too! That should easily get another yard or two out today.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally! Some Sewing....

I have intended to get Thing 1's hooded fleece shirt done for a long time now - heck, I've had it cut out for months! - and I finally got the motivation to do it....mind you, it was when I really should have been sewing new shoes for Thing 2. But, hey! It's done, so that's what's important, right? :)

This is Butterick 5164, done in a knit as suggested. (The first time I made it, I just used wovens, and that worked fine, too.) I left off the kangaroo pocket, as it looked rather jarring with the print, and I bound all edges in black fleece instead of turning a hem under. I also lined the hood, but I don't think I'll do that again if I make it in another fleece. Thing 1 is thrilled!

And I also managed to get the new shoes done, too. Yay! Thing 2 was in desperate need. His other shoes are both size 12-18 months, and the thinner pair was starting to come apart at the stitching, and the thicker pair is just getting gnarly and small, is the first new pair, in size 18-24 months. I did some decorative stitching on these, and I like how it turned out. I do wish that my machine had fancy stitches, but alas, it does not. Oh, well. I like the Chloe Toes pattern, but I still want to try the Make Them Yourself pattern. I also ordered some Toughtek so that my next pair of shoes will have waterproof soles. Maybe I'll try the MTY pattern for those....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random stuff....

Not much happening here on the sewing front. I've just been way too busy. I still need to make Thing 2's new shoes - I'm going to try to get those sewn this evening. We'll see if it happens, though.

I discovered that Dollar Tree sells microfiber cloths - a set of two smaller ones (sorry, no exact dimensions) or a single larger one - for $1 each. Woohoo! An even cheaper source of microfiber for the Swiffer refills! I bought the two pack, intending to cut them down and serge the ends to make refills for my Swiffer floor sweeper. However, I discovered that the smaller cloths are only a few inches wider than what I need, so I'm just using them as is.

I've heard about the dryer balls that work well instead of fabric softener sheets, but I'd never seen any. Today I spotted some at Meijer, so I bought a two-pack. No clue yet how well they work, but I did throw one in the load that is currently bouncing around in the dryer. So far, I can only say that one should possibly not use them to dry clothes while small children are sleeping. (At least not if your laundry area is near the bedrooms.)