Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random stuff....

Not much happening here on the sewing front. I've just been way too busy. I still need to make Thing 2's new shoes - I'm going to try to get those sewn this evening. We'll see if it happens, though.

I discovered that Dollar Tree sells microfiber cloths - a set of two smaller ones (sorry, no exact dimensions) or a single larger one - for $1 each. Woohoo! An even cheaper source of microfiber for the Swiffer refills! I bought the two pack, intending to cut them down and serge the ends to make refills for my Swiffer floor sweeper. However, I discovered that the smaller cloths are only a few inches wider than what I need, so I'm just using them as is.

I've heard about the dryer balls that work well instead of fabric softener sheets, but I'd never seen any. Today I spotted some at Meijer, so I bought a two-pack. No clue yet how well they work, but I did throw one in the load that is currently bouncing around in the dryer. So far, I can only say that one should possibly not use them to dry clothes while small children are sleeping. (At least not if your laundry area is near the bedrooms.)

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