Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've been sewing, just not very fast. I'm on a pillowcase kick at the moment, with more on the way (they're about half-done and on the ironing board right now - hopefully I'll be able to post pictures tomorrow).
These are belated Christmas presents for a trio of sisters. The fabrics are leftovers from the tote bags I made them two years ago. I usually put a trim fabric on, in addition to the contrast band, but there wasn't anything I liked in my stash, so I left them like this. The fabrics are busy enough that I think it's fine. And I won't see that family until March or April, so late is fine. :)
This is a pillowcase for a friend who is a Beatles fanatic (her spare room is a combination reptile haven and Beatles shrine), in celebration of her passing her national board exam. I bought the fabrics at WM on Wednesday morning, prewashed them Thursday, cut them Friday, and sewed it and gave it to her Saturday night. A pretty brief stay in the stash! She was thrilled, and told me that the pillowcase was already on the bed later Saturday night. :)