Friday, February 3, 2012

Repurposed sheets

One pair of PJ pants would normally not rate its own blog post, but I've been bad about posting lately and am trying to fix that. In addition, I just need to rave about these for other reasons.

I have definitely repurposed sheets before - I've made sheets into baby pack-n-play or crib sheets, I've made sheets into PJs for birthday gifts and Operation Christmas Child gifts, and I've made them into cloth napkins (not blogged). But I've never made flannel sheets into PJs before - at least not that I can remember, and definitely not for myself. I got this fitted flannel sheet at a thrift store several years ago, I think. Since I love snowmen, I thought this would be great for winter PJ pants for me. And between the PR Fabric Stash contest and needing to sew another pair of PJ pants (same size) for a friend's birthday, I had the impetus to do something about it. OMG! Can I just say how incredibly soft these PJ pants are? Soooo comfy. I love them! I'm guessing it's from all the use and washing they got in their previous life. At any rate, I would totally use old flannel sheets again for PJs. I may have to keep an eye out at the thrift store.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More gift sewing....

Thing 2 was invited to another birthday party. As previously mentioned, there are 15 or so kids in his kindergarten class, so $$ for birthday party presents adds up! I decided to have him help me choose fabric to make an Art-on-the-Go kit for her, then add colored pencils, a notebook, and some foam door hangers and foam stickers for other art projects. The gift didn't get the same wild enthusiasm as the Barbies and such, but I think the mom appreciated it. :) And it's more the kind of gift that is appreciated later on, when the toys lose a bit of luster. The entire "art gift" probably cost me $10 in materials, but only $4 in actual money, since all of the fabric/notions came from my stash. (And I made 3 at once, so there are 2 more in my gift stash!)
I had previously made the green sheet in the top of the picture for my new niece's bassinette, which apparently is like a pack-n-play but an odd size. That one was my prototype, since I had no idea how long to make the elastic. Turned out I guessed a little short, and they had to cut the casing in 4 places to release it all so that they could verify the sheet itself was the right size. I then sent another one - same size, but 10 inches longer elastic - which fit just right. (That one isn't pictured, but it came from a jersey sheet that I repurposed.) But it took quite some time to get word that it fit - apparently checking the fit and getting back to me wasn't a priority until the baby arrived, and suddenly they wanted more sheets! ;) So I fixed the green sheet so that it was usable again, and I made 4 more sheets - 2 flannel, 2 cotton - all from stash. They have some Winnie the Pooh stuff in the nursery, I'm told, so I was pretty happy to have 2 Pooh prints to use. This brings the total up to 6 sheets that I've sewn, which should be pretty good for a bassinette.
A friend had a birthday earlier this month, and she loves the PJ pants I make her. She just got a snowflake pair at Christmas, but I saw this flannel on clearance last summer and just had to get it for her. I know that she loves the neon colors in the print, but I'm not sure how she'll feel about the skulls....hopefully she's okay with them. This is my TNT PJ pattern, M3006.
And I had made her a square corn bag last year at Christmas, but apparently she put it in the microwave too long earlier this year. Her mom relayed a deep desire for a new one, so I just had to oblige. ;) I squeaked the cover out of the leftovers from her PJ pants.