Sunday, November 30, 2008

...and pair #2!

Introducing the Percy shoes! Thing 2 was so distraught over the loss of his holey, too small Thomas shoes, that I decided to make the next pair with Thomas appliques again. However, just to be different, I used Percy this time instead. (Yes, Thing 2 does know the difference! I'm truly scared...) And so, of course, he decided this morning that he didn't want to wear the Percy shoes. Oh, well....he'll change his mind.

These are the MTY pattern again, toddler size 9W. I did go ahead and line them with fleece, using scraps from Thing 1's Thomas fleece hoodie. I think they'll fit better, but I'm a little annoyed that I made the toe guards so small. I think I need to just draft a template so that my toe and heel guards are more consistent.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New shoes - pair #1

Finally! I finished a new pair of shoes (Make Them Yourself pattern again), and, as usual, I'm kicking myself for procrastinating so much. I'm liking these new shoes a lot, except for the extremely minor detail that they're too big and look a bit like duck feet. :) But that's entirely my fault. I made a size 9W this time, because the size 7 is too small and I wanted these to last longer. I decided to try it in the wide size, because my little guy has some chubby little feet. Note to self: not quite chubby enough for the wide size. Oh, well....they're wearable.

I've got a second pair partly done - also a size 9W. (I cut them both out at once.) I'm going to line those with fleece, though. That should add some warmth as well as possibly take up a little space. We'll see what happens with those before I start talking about the next pair. Actually, I might try making the boots next time. After all, it should start getting even colder, and he might want to go out and play in the snow this winter. I have some denim bonded to sherpa or something fuzzy like that - I might use that next time for warmth. We'll see....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the next three....

These are the two new blankets for the Things. Thing 1's is the top blanket, the pirate parrots on one side and pirate kids on the other, bound with black fleece. The lower blanket, tractors on one side, solid green on the other, bound with blue fleece, is for Thing 2.

This one is for Thing 1's kindergarten teacher, who just had a baby girl last week. Hopefully she'll like it. I pulled five or six prints out of my flannel stash and let Thing 1 pick which he preferred - he chose these bumblebees! So I backed it with a bright yellow flannel and bound it with a fuschia fleece. I hope that she likes it.
Right now, all three blankets are in the wash, getting the spray basting washed out before the first use. And can I just say how much I'm liking the Shout color catchers? I used two in one load last week, when I was prewashing some of these fabrics and wanted to be absolutely sure that they didn't bleed on each other. Today I just threw one in - no way do I want this blanket stained before it's given away! - and it came out stained bluish-green. I'm so happy to have excess dye on the sheet instead of on the new blanket!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The first completed blanket!

So the first blanket is complete - yay! The next three are ready for the binding, so maybe I'll get those done tonight....unless of course I work on the shoes first, which are more needed. For that matter, I'm also on call, so....we'll see. Let's just leave it at that.

I like to make my baby blankets big, so I buy 1.25 yards of flannel for each side, spray baste them together, and then use the ruler and rotary cutter to straighten the sides and curve the corners. I don't really try to make them square, usually, but they should be pretty close. In this case, there was only 2 yards left on the bolt, so I had to work with less than I wanted. And I didn't have a good matching solid in my stash, and I didn't want to buy any more fabric for this. So I made this one approximately 1 yard wide and 44-45 inches long. It'll work. I did like the yellow fleece I had to coordinate for binding. I think that really makes it pop. DH liked the combination, too!

I have a whole lot of flannel that I bought last year to make baby blankets, and most of it is still sitting here. If I want to have the fun of buying more flannel this year (and I do! - I've seen some really cute flannel at JAF lately), then I need to move some of this off the shelf in the next ten days. In the next couple of days, I should get the next three blankets done, and that will help - about twelve yards gone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing to report....yet...

So I've done very little sewing lately - too much going on, plus the slowly healing finger. I did finally finish two pairs of orange fleece slippers that have been patiently waiting for a cuff seam. And I'm probably a third of the way through the newest pair of shoes for Thing 2 - hopefully there will be a picture tonight. His current shoes are holey!

I also have flannel fabric prewashed for more quick blankets. Thing 1's kindergarten teacher is about to have her first baby, and one of my coworkers just took in her infant niece. So I shopped my stash from last year's Black Friday shopping and found girl flannels for both. And I have the flannel that I bought for the Things this summer - those will also be cut tonight. We'll see how far I get.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still chugging along....

Here's my most recent output. Broken finger is still annoying, but over the last week or so, I managed to sew up five pair of knit pants for Thing 2, who had very little to wear once the weather turned cool. I have four pair pictured, but I made two of the firetruck sweatpants, mainly because I had an "oops!" moment while cutting and started off cutting two pieces facing the same way. That wasn't going to work, so I then cut two more going the other way (I have TONS of this fabric - I bought 15 yards on eBay a few years ago) and just made two! I'll keep one pair at daycare as the emergency back-up pants.

There are two more pairs cut out already - a navy blue and a brown - plus there's still the fabric from my retail therapy last month. That, plus a couple of pairs of woven pants, should take him through the winter, I would think. But I do foresee some knit PJs for Christmas. :) I have some knit train fabric that he'll love!