Monday, October 6, 2008

New pants! (And retail therapy)

Thing 2 is in need of long pants that fit for cooler weather. I made two pairs over the summer, to try out the sizing of two different patterns, and so I went back to the KS SFT knit pants. The blue pair on the right is size T1, made over the summer. Thing 1 can still definitely wear them, but I was concerned that they may not fit throughout the winter. So I decided to try out size T2, which is the orange pair. Well, he is swimming in them! In fact, I have to roll the cuffs up twice just so that he can walk around without being annoyed by the length. So I think that the next pairs will be T1 with maybe a 1/2 inch added to the length. That should keep them wearable now but usable for longer.

In other news, I had a rough week at work last week (including a very painful kick from a cow - I'm still limping!), and I decided on my way home Friday (at 8 pm!) that I needed some retail therapy. Well, in my world, retail therapy is best accomplished at a fabric store or book store. And I wasn't in the mood for a book when the library might still be open, so....

On the left, the colors are (from top to bottom): navy, gray, hunter green, brown, and black, all cotton interlock. The prints on the right are ones I fell in love with. So Thing 2 should be well ready for winter when I'm done! (Though of course I'll still make a few pairs of woven pants, too.) Only the black and navy interlock has been prewashed, but I'll take care of the others this weekend. I bought enough of the solids for 1 pair of pants each plus a little leftover for cuffs and necklines (you never know when that might come in handy!), but I bought enough of the prints for pants and a matching shirt. What can I say? It was a rough week, and knits were 40% off!

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