Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reconstructive frog surgery

Haven't been sewing lately, because I'm trying to get my master's thesis finished. Though I keep plotting to sew - my mother-in-law bought fabric for me to sew a cover for her dog's crate, DS#1 still needs new pants, my dog needs another harness so that I can wash this one, etc...

A few weeks ago, klepto dog stole Thing 2's beloved froggy and ripped its eyes out. He was distraught, as one might expect, so I promised to try to repair it. As you can see below, one eye was ripped completely out, and the other was damaged to the point that there was no fixing what was left.
So we went to HL and managed to find new, almost identical eyes. (As an aside, now I know what I'll be using the next time I want to make strange plush creatures....) The fabric was obviously not matchable, so I figured I'd just use a coordinating solid knit. I know that somewhere I have what should be a matching blue interlock, but I couldn't find it, so I pulled out the green. I showed the husband after transplanting the first eye, and he suggested using different colors for each eye, so that it might not look as glaring to have only the eye sockets differ from the rest of the frog. I still couldn't find the blue interlock, but I did find a swimsuit-like material, and it worked just fine.
If I'd known from the start that I'd use two colors, I would have switched sides with the colors. Oh, well....nitpicky detail. The important thing is that it's done, and Thing 2 is thrilled!