Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still more PJs

I believe that it may have been previously mentioned here that my brother is an obsessed Star Wars fan.  So when I saw this sheet set at a local thrift store, there was no question what it would become!  This is my TNT pattern for mens' PJ pants - B6887 - OOP now but still available on eBay, etc. - but this time I did not make the fly functional or add a drawstring, as the fabric would have needed substantial interfacing to make buttonholes or hold snaps.  He said that he really doesn't use them, anyway, so I saw no point.

And Thing 2 is in need of some new PJs.  Actually, this was supposed to be a pair of winter PJs, but I screwed up my cutting layout and wasn't able to get both front and back cut out in the full length.  So I put my screwed up pieces aside while I ordered more fabric (on etsy, paying far more than I had for the original length, grrrr), and instead I cut out a pair of shorts.  After finishing them, I added some sharks to a purchased shirt to complete the new summer set.  I still plan to finish the originally planned set, though that will have to wait until some other birthday gifts are finished.  I may even have enough left over for another short set, that would become someone's birthday gift....hmmm.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More PJs....

So the PJ train continues....when I made the ninja PJs for my friend, I started worrying because I discovered some pilling on the PJ pants.  I thought that maybe I should make another pair of pants, in case the pilling became horrible quickly.  She likes purple, and I figured that these would go okay with the ninjabread shirt.  There was the added bonus that this flannel has been in my stash for years, so it was nice to get it used up.

And another friend likes sheep.  When we were in high school together, she frequently wore a particular sweater with sheep knitted into the design.  So when I saw a set of sheep sheets at a thrift store, I just HAD to buy them.  As per usual, the top is M5504, and the pants are M3006.  I don't see these lasting terribly long, but the fabric was so perfect that I had to go for it.  I have another pair (new fabric!) in progress for her for Christmas....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teacher gifts

So once again, the school year has come to an end, and I did my now traditional end of the year teacher gift!  I made two new tote bags and pulled one from last year out of the gift stash.  (Yay, gift stash!)  And I even finished these TWO nights before the end, so I had time to leisurely wash out the chalk markings. :)  

Anyway, the new ones were made from a palm tree home dec fabric I found at the thrift store.  I originally intended to leave the bags unlined, but then I figure it really wouldn't take that much more time to just line them.  I forgot to take a picture before Thing 1 left the house with one of the bags - his had a green twill in place of the brown sheet.  I did serge all the seams of the outer bag, because the home dec print was a little ravelly.

And the one from last year - the green was a broadcloth from the thrift store, and the black was from a thrifted sheet.

As per usual, I filled the bags with a beach towel, a canister of strawberry lemonade mix, a plastic water bottle, a pair of flip flops, a can of sunscreen, a note from the appropriate Thing, and a B&N gift card.  I really hope that they enjoy the gifts!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

And more PJs....

Another belated birthday gift here - I have a friend who loves foxes.  Last year, I gave her a pair of fox flannel PJ pants.  This year, the pants are a lighter cotton.  I found the fabric on clearance at HF and had to snatch it up for her.

And for my ninja friend, I made a pair of lounge/PJ pants from a striped thrifted sheet.  As soon as I saw it, I thought it would make some fun PJ pants.  I hope that she likes it.  Sadly, I noticed after I made the pants and washed them, that there is some pilling in places.  (Didn't notice that when I'd washed the sheet before cutting.)  So I may make another pair of pants to go along with this, in case this pair doesn't last long.

And the set together with the ninjabread shirt.

Both PJ pants were made with M3006, my TNT PJ pant pattern.

Monday, March 16, 2015


The son of one of my friends had a birthday recently.  Though it was of course cold out, I made him a pair of more summery PJs, as a sign of hope that spring will come.  :)  Plus, if he's anything like my boys, they like to wear summer PJs and burrow into so many blankets that they're sweating.  Goofy boys!

This is a Transformers fabric found at WM on clearance and a tie-dye flannel from JAF on Black Friday.  I like bringing the neckline to the front when I'm using the contrasting color - I think it helps tie the set together better.  This is KS 3042, my TNT woven kiddo PJ pattern.

And for another friend, I'm working on a PJ/lounge set for her.  The pants will be shown later, but I appliqued ninjabread shapes to the front of a purchased shirt to go with it.  I hope that she loves them!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Back to boxers.....

I can never get too far away from boxers as gifts for men in my life....though of course this is a pretty small group of men that I can sew boxers for. :)  My dad's birthday was in January, and when I saw this tool flannel, I thought it would be great for boxers for him during the very cold months.  Because it's flannel, I don't expect that he'll wear them throughout the year, but they might be very welcome when it's really cold.

And these are for my brother - probably for his birthday later this year.  I had cut them out several months before sewing them, as part of an assembly line process.  So when I worked on my dad's boxers, I figured I'd grab these and sew them up, too.  This fabric was from JAF, and I found it on red tag clearance one day.  There's some glitter in the fabric, too, which makes it even more hilarious for boxers.

As always, this is S9958 - my TNT boxer pattern.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More box bags!

I think these are the last of the Christmas gifts.....

I made a set of box bags for one friend who loves to travel.  I thought these would be useful for separating her toiletries or whatever when she's traveling, and I was able to make it to match the sling bag I made for her two Christmases ago....The outer fabric is a pleather that came from a thrift store.  These metal zippers came from a garage sale, I think.  They look great but were a pain in the butt to work with - I think only because I had to shorten them, and I had to be really careful sewing over the ends.  If they were exactly the right length, they might have been no problem.  Oh, well.

The lining is a fun rock-n-roll disco print that had originally been intended for a scrub shirt for her, before her hospital stopped allowing random printed scrubs.  So it got new life as first a sling bag and now some box bags.

This one is for a friend who's into martial arts.  This is the same fabric that I used to make her a scrub shirt (which I sadly apparently never took a picture of and thus never blogged about) and then a stocking.  I managed to get these two box bags out of the leftovers.  The linings are a sturdy red twill.

This may be it for box bags for awhile.....but you never know!