Thursday, October 16, 2014

And still more stockings!

We have previously documented my love for the StudioCherie Burlap Stocking pattern (minus the burlap).  Well, I'm at it again.

First up, monogrammed stockings for a wedding gift: I don't know the couple's tastes and preferences, so I didn't want to use novelty fabric.  Instead, I went more classic.  She has always liked more of a bright blue or turquoise, and he is a soldier, so I chose a darker blue.  Both colors are remnants from my last set of stockings, and the red print used for the piping was also a remnant from the last set.  All I had to buy to make these were the linen blend and the muslin lining.

While I was getting my sewing mojo back, I decided to throw in a stocking for my buddy.  She's into martial arts, and I had made her a scrub shirt for her birthday, using fabric I found on eBay.  I still had plenty of remnants left, so I used that print for the cuffs and back of the stocking.  The red print used for the piping on the above stockings is the one used for the front here.  I found a black print in stash which became the piping, and I bought another black print for the monogram.  Here's hoping she loves it!

And the back....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm back!'s been forever, but I'm finally back.  The palate cleanser project to get me back into things was a new pair of PJs for Thing 2.  I did some retail therapy awhile back and bought two one-yard cuts of Angry Birds flannel to make him new PJs.  And I bought the coordinating T-shirts around the same time, so that I could get these done....and then they sat.

But here is the first one!  The shorts are from KS3042, size M - they're long on him, but that just gives some room to grow.  And I chose one of the motifs to add to the shirt to tie them together.  Thing 2 is wearing them now, which makes me happy.  A good way to ease back into the sewing....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A long time away....

It's been just about two months since my last posting.  Part of the problem is that I started working a lot more over the summer.  That's good for my bank account, but not so great for getting projects done.  But the bigger issue is that honestly I've been missing my sewing mojo for quite some time.  I hope to get back into the groove and start putting up projects again soon, but we're just going to have to see....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More scrub shirts!

So back in December of 2007, I made a Jeff Gordon scrub shirt for one of my techs - someone who looooves NASCAR and Jeff Gordon in particular.  And she dearly loved it, and I saw it in frequent rotation.  Then last September, I was in town for a conference, and I happened to see her still wearing it!  And, oh, how ratty it was looking!  I suggested it was time for retirement, and I was told that she couldn't retire it, because she couldn't get a replacement.  (Apparently they don't make NASCAR scrubs?)  And the tech beside her helpfully told me that she wears it every Friday, and that she tells everyone that I made it for her.  Gulp.  Did I mention it looks really ratty now?  So, as one can imagine, I got onto the internet that night and looked for some new Jeff Gordon fabric.  And it arrived less than a week later, got prewashed, and there it sat.

Until now.  Since I was pulling out the scrub shirt pattern for my mom, I decided to cut out a couple of other ones.  This was first on my list - no occasion, really.  I just wanted it done and out the door so she will hopefully burn the old one. :)  I put in the lower pockets but left off the upper one.  I'm really happy with how it looks, and I hope that she will be over the moon to get a surprise replacement.

Last July, I was in need of some retail therapy, and so of course I went to the fabric store.  With grand intentions of sewing some new scrubs for myself, I bought two prints for tops and three solids for bottoms.  And there it has stalled....until now.  I chose this for the first top to stitch up for myself, simply because I could use black serger thread on both this and the Jeff Gordon top.  I left off the lower pockets but put in the upper pocket, to hold a pen.  And I didn't bother pattern-matching, because it is such a busy print.  Think I'm going to have some fun wearing this one!

Now let's see how long it'll take me to work on the others....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Library Book Bags

So way back before we moved to this area, I bought three different Dr. Seuss fabrics, with intent of making book bags for each of us to take to/from the library.  And I kept saying that I needed to do it, and I kept putting it off to do more urgent projects.  Well, I finally got tired of having to search for library books, and I decided that maybe if I made the darn bags, they could also be used to corral said books.  (I hope.)  But by now, we decided that Dr. Seuss really didn't suit my sons as well as it used to.  And more importantly, I have this growing ribbon stash. :)

So I took brown duck cloth from my stash, and I bought tonal prints in each of our favorite colors to use for the straps/lining.  (And then, just because, I went ahead and cut one from the Cat in the Hat fabric, too....It may become a craft project bag.)  We have a green fan and an orange fan in the house, and mine (not yet finished) is blue.  Thing 1 chose a Mario ribbon to go with his green, and Thing 2 chose a Lego Star Wars ribbon, which actually looks pretty good against the orange.

I made these to the same specifications as the teacher tote bags, except that I put a pocket on each side instead of on only one side.  And I added two snaps to close one of the pockets - with the intent of keeping library cards inside.  The ribbon was stitched down under the trim at the top of the pockets, and also around the top of the bag.  I really love how these turned out, and my boys are very happy with them!  (And I can't wait to finish mine - I used Calvin and Hobbes ribbon!)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday scrub shirt

I've made my mom scrub shirts in the past, but mostly pre-blog, I guess.  The only one I've previously blogged was, ironically, a Suzy's Zoo print, and that was four years ago.  So when she wrote that she still wore them and hinted that she would like another, I figured it was time....

She likes Thomas Kinkade prints, and I actually have two TK prints in the stash, intended for scrub shirts for her.  But then I was at the local quilt store on New Year's Day for their sale, and I found new Suzy's Zoo fabric from Hoffman Fabrics!  Well, that settled it!  I bought the brightest print they had with the intent of making a scrub shirt for Mom's birthday.  Between the end-of-school craziness and all the other deadlines I had, I basically made this shirt at the last minute to get it mailed out in time.  But finish on deadline I did!

I'm really happy with how it turned out - I left the lower pockets in, and my pattern matching was near perfect.  I've had issues with some of the quilt basting spray not washing out of my pockets very well, so this time I used Steam-A-Seam to secure the pockets before I stitched them in place.  It worked well, and I'm very happy with how it all looks.  I hope that my mom loves it.

And there's my adorable Cooper getting his face into the picture!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day Boxers

So it's been previously demonstrated that I tend to make boxers a lot for the men in my life.  And this Father's Day was no exception!

My dad is an Army veteran, and I've previously made him Army print boxers.  But I was in JAF recently and saw that their licensed fabric was on sale 50% off.  I hadn't really expected to buy any of it, but then I saw this print and thought it was really neat. dad got a new pair of Army boxers for Father's Day.

My husband is a Marine Corps veteran, and so he has previously been the recipient of Marine print boxers.  But I thought it was time to make more, and both of these prints (purchased from a coop) have been in the stash - intended for boxers - for at least four years.  So it was time to move them out. :)

And since I was working up boxers and had black thread in the serger (with the Army boxers), I also cut out and whipped up this pair of monster boxers.  My husband has a couple of pairs of Halloween boxers already, but they are 9-10 years old, and at least one pair needs to be retired from use.  So when I saw this print on clearance at JAF for $2/yd, I bought some.  I'll hang on to them for now, but maybe give them to him around Halloween.