Thursday, September 27, 2018

More afghan repetition

This is another afghan that I had mentioned but not posted, as it was a gift for a friend who hadn't yet received it.  And then I forgot.  The original blog posting is here - mentioning two others from this pattern.  I think the ombre here is antique, and I don't remember what main color I used.  It turned out really pretty, though, and my friend liked it!

I have another in (slow) progress, because this is an excellent portable project.

Monday, September 24, 2018

More snowflakes - very ,much after the fact

I apparently never blogged this one.  I had blogged about my blue version and even mentioned that I'd started one in dark red, but that was it.  Well, I did finish this in time to give it as a gift last Christmas.  Once again, it was very portable and worked up quickly.  I still think it would look good in a dark green, also.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Zombie hat

So I'm in multiple FB groups, and several are for crochet.  And someone posted a pic of her son modeling a hilarious zombie hat she'd made, so of course I had to immediately ask for the pattern source.  Naturally.  This is a pattern by Semi Sweet Crafter, and it's available for free on her blog.  Alternately, you can buy a pdf version from her Etsy shop, which is what I did.  I planned to make more than one, and I figured a pdf was more streamlined and easy to keep on my phone for portable reference.  (Also, it was only $1.50.  That seemed ridiculously cheap and I wanted to support her efforts.)

So, first finished hat was for my niece.  I love this pattern, but I don't like how you make the brains.  I am terrible at winging it, and that's basically what the directions call for.  However, I was on a deadline and wanted to get this done in time to give it to her father to avoid mailing.  So I sucked it up and did something passable.  This is the child size.

Next one was started because I finished the part of my son's that I could work on at a baseball game before the game ended, and I needed something else to do.  One of my colleagues loves weird stuff like this and has a baby, so I figured the baby needed a zombie hat.  Because why not?  This is the 12 month size.

And then there's my kid's hat, which was the first one started and the last one finished.  Go figure.  This is the teen size (he's 12).  I had made all of it except the tassels and the brains, because I started the brains the way the pattern directed and really didn't like it.  Trying to do several rows of slipstitching for the brain ridges was awkward and didn't look as raised in my hands than it did in the picture.  Ultimately, I went looking for other ways to do it and settled on crocheted i-Cord.  I found the instructions easy to follow, though it felt clumsy and awkward as I began my cord.  However, I got used to it and was able to finish making the cord during a baseball game.  I then stitched it down in my semi-desired patttern.  (I will say that it was easier to arrange and stitch when I stuffed the hat with a rolled up towel to hold its shape during the sewing.)

Thing 2 is delighted, and I'm reasonably happy with those brains.

I would highly recommend this pattern if a crocheted zombie hat is a need like it was in my life. ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

A special request....

My brother messaged me a week ago to tell me that my niece had an "emergency" request.  They are going to GenCon next week, and she wanted to go as a Jedi and get a "special shirt" to wear.  My machines went into the shop when I was on vacation and weren't back yet, but how can I turn down a request like that?

She requested a pink or purple shirt, and, as luck would have it, I had a pink shirt already in my possession.  So I sent this pic to my brother and asked for my niece to pick which fabric she wanted, and which character or ship she wanted.

She made her pick, but she wanted a Luke Jedi design.  Hmmm....I haven't done a Luke so I said I'd try but would have to look for a picture.  He promptly sent back a Lego Luke minifig picture but said she'd be fine with R2D2 or Darth Vader if it wasn't going to work.

So I punted to plan B to be safe, since I had a deadline.  But I also went to WM and bought a couple more shirts to play around with.  And then I decided she needed a new Tie Fighter, and then I realized that the post office was open an hour later than I thought, so I'd try a Luke (and that shirt is a light purple - I know it reads pink here).  In the end, the box is away and should get to her early next week, so in plenty of time.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

New PJ shorts for ME

Back in December, I tested out two pairs of PJ shorts patterns for me, to see which I liked better, before doing some assembly line sewing.  I never blogged the results, which were this first picture.  Yep.  Made this pair from rainbow tie-dyed paw prints on black flannel, back in December.  And it's seen regular rotation once the weather warmed up.

I cut these other pairs at the same time, but then life happened, and I didn't finish them until I was sewing on the Fourth of July.  Now I have three more pairs of PJ shorts for the summer!  The monster flannel was from JAF once upon a time - and I used it for my boys as well.  The walrus flannel was left over from PJ pants I made for a friend.  And the license plate woven was from deep stash.  I'm pretty excited to try them out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

As usual.....

....I'm terrible about updating!  There's been some sewing and a lot of crocheting going on in the background, but I haven't updated the blog in six months.  Oops!

I sewed a Fourth of July outfit for my niece, with matching doll skirts.  This came about as a total impulse.  I had purchased fabric last year for two new twirly skirts, then never gotten around to them.  And I was in JAF and randomly found a patriotic tutti fruitti fabric in the clearance section, which sent me to the non-clearance section, where the sale price was actually cheaper than clearance.  That then made me look for coordinates, and I ended up with three fabrics that (mostly) went together.  (This of course also caused me to finally cut out the fabrics I previously bought, but those haven't been stitched yet.)

Since I bought these on impulse, I wasn't sure how much I'd need, which meant of course that I went back and bought another yard of the butterflies two days later.  (Plus more for another skirt....sigh....I have a problem.)  And then came the issue of my serger deciding not to do any gathering, and then my ruffler foot decided the same.  So between my ruffling issue and my fabric bought on impulse, I ended up not ruffling these *quite* as much as I might have otherwise.  (I had to hand gather the tiers.  I remember why I started using the serger, lol.)  And then, naturally, I stitched the trim onto the third tier the wrong way.  Sigh....

So after all my issues, it was sadly Sunday before I finished the outfit, which means that it did not reach my niece in time for today.  However, she'll get it tomorrow, and I'm sure a new outfit is fun even after the Fourth. ;)  In honor of the recent Solo movie, the applique on her tank top is a patriotic Millenium Falcon.  And the skirt was "based on" the Sophia Tiered Skirt from Funktional Threads.

The dolls of course need some love, as well.  These skirts are based on a free pattern, the Moo Skirt from The Sewing Geek.

Hopefully I'll be hearing in another day or two how much she likes her new outfit!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A couple of updates

So these have both been seen previously, but not in their final form.  This Dr Who cross stitch was seen on oatmeal and framed with a painted hoop, but I had made a second version on blue, and this was put into an IKEA frame.  I like how it turned out as well.

And the tiny Christmas stitch-a-long was last seen finished, but waiting on the embroidery hoop frame.  I finished painting it red, added coats of poly clear coat, and voila!  I love how it looks in the hoop, and it's ready to be hung next Christmas.