Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still here....

So I've been plugging away, but I'm still suffering from lack of consistent sewing mojo. So there's nothing completed to show. Still, I have in progress works as well as the "up next" contender. First, the "in progress":
I have four scrub shirts and a scrub jacket in the mix. This picture only shows the shirts - the Beatles shirt is for a friend who's a Beatles fanatic. I've had the fabric for a year, and I just haven't made the time to sew it up. Now it will be a belated birthday gift for her. And by the way, check out the upper left pocket on it - oh, wait! It's almost invisible! Woohoo! The Suzy's Zoo scrub shirt has been in stash and cut out for, oh, about two years. Oops - time to sew it up! And the McDs fabric is for my nurse friend, who worked at McDs for years. I bought the fabric a few years ago, I think, but it was forgotten in the dim recesses of my stash. And then the Taz fabric is for my friend's husband, who is an ICU nurse and a Looney Tunes fanatic. He picked out the fabric, and I am sewing it up.

This will be my next project, post-scrubs. My boys LOVED How to Train Your Dragon. (We saw it as part of our mini-Spring Break celebration.) So consequently they loved this dragon fabric. I usually make them pants out of goofy character fabric, but for a change, I'm going to try button-up shirts for both. For this incarnation, I'm planning to use B3475. We'll see how that goes. I think that a size 2 and a size 4 should take care of my little guys. For future incarnations, I may try either S3852 or S4207. I like the idea of a yoke better than a non-yoke, but I'd still like to try the Butterick one first. Hopefully I'll have something finished to show this weekend....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New fleece blankets!

Yes, I know that it's April. But these have been waiting for quite awhile to be finished. Besides, we've been leaving the windows open, and it's still chilly at night! Now the boys will have two fleece blankets each, which means that there's always one available. And they're good for snuggling up in front of the TV, too.
An insects (mostly spiders) fleece I found on clearance at JAF. I bought all that they had! It is backed and bound with the same red fleece.
A robots and aliens fleece I found on sale at HF. This one is also backed and bound with the same red fleece. These are definitely warm and snuggly, and they were easy to make.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catching up

Haven't been sewing much lately - my mojo seems to be slacking, and my work load has heated up. I do have some things in the works. Several scrub shirts, a scrub jacket, two fleece blankets - I just need time and inclination to finish them. Unfortunately, while I have tons of time on my hands this weekend, I'm the show vet at a horse show and can't leave the grounds. And there's nowhere to bring my sewing machine. Oh, well...

But I did finish these jogging suits, though I forgot to post pictures. I ended up putting red snaps on one and blue snaps on the other. I think they turned out very well. The first one was sent out as the baby present, and the mom seemed to really like it.