Saturday, May 24, 2008

A new blanket

This looks like a very simple blanket (and it is!), but it does have a slightly amusing story behind it. So I realize that Thing 2 needs a school blanket, because he moved up to the next room, and they've apparently been using a pink blanket for him this week. Eeeww! And I had already cut this blanket out for a baby shower, but I didn't have time to sew it. Hey! I'll just use that! It's cute and not pink. And I already had plenty of black binding cut and sewn together. But then, as I'm about to pin the binding on, I think - "Hey! Should I use black or white for the binding?"

My sense of the aesthetic is not all that great, but DH is pretty good. He was putting Thing 1 to bed then, so I figured I'd just wait. But he never comes back. So I finally go looking for him, and then I find him sound asleep. Grrrr! Okay, next plan. Then I take pictures of the fabric with both binding options and call various people as I email them. No I decide to stall while watching recorded episodes of NCIS. (I haven't been watching TV since the strike ended - I just record my shows and randomly do marathons to catch up.) Finally one friend emails back and says white. Grrrr! The black binding was ready to pin, but I need to cut out the white and sew it. Oh, well....I agree that it probably does look better. As I'm chatting with her online, I go ahead and cut and sew the binding. Then DB emails back as I'm sewing the first row of stitching to bind the blanket. He agrees with white! So it's unanimous.

I don't normally stay up so late, but I have a three-day weekend, so I thought I could handle it. (And I felt energetic.) At nearly 1 am, the blanket was done! I'll just wash it this weekend to get rid of the spray basting, and then Thing 2 will have a school blanket. I like this print, so I may buy a little more at WM to make a matching travel-sized pillowcase. Thing 2 doesn't use a pillow now, but then I'll have a set ready when he starts using a pillow. We'll see....

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stacysews said...

Very cute - and it looks snuggly too!