Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finished stuff at last!

No, I didn't start from scratch on all of this. All five pairs of shorts (plus one more not in the picture) were already done except for the elastic. I just finally had motivation to insert the elastic and make them wearable! (As in, shorts-wearing weather should be here any time!) As an aside, however, the lower row of shorts are from KS Sewing for Baby, and they're size 3-6 months. They now finally fit Thing 2, who is almost two years old!)

The "shoes" in the picture are the new slippers for Thing 1! Not pictured are the matching shoes for Thing 2, which are in the dryer. He has been wearing them all week, and they needed a trip though the laundry. :) And Thing 1 has been asking every day, "Mama, are my new slippers done yet?" Tomorrow morning I can say, "Yes, goofball, they are! And, no, you can't wear them to school." Hooray!

This weekend maybe I'll finally cut out the muslin of the Hawaiian shirt for DH! And maybe the Bears scrub shirts that I need to make for others....

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