Friday, May 16, 2008

Not much happening here...

I traced the new size for Thing 2's new shoes, and I also traced the size for Thing 1 - both sizes are now also on template plastic.

*Off on a tangent here: I love quilter's template plastic! I get the sheets of heavy duty template plastic from JAF when the quilting notions are 50% off, and they are great! It is so much easier to cut out a template and then be able to use the rotary cutter to cut out the pieces. I've also used the templates to trace the pattern directly onto the wrong side of leather, and then used scissors to cut the pieces - that was before I got a smaller rotary cutter, and it was much harder to go around curves with the 60 mm size.*

So I have cut out most of the pieces for Thing 2's new shoes and none of the pieces for Thing 1's slippers. They will be matching, and I think that they'll love them. I have high hopes of getting them done this weekend, but we shall see. I'm on call, so all plans are subject to change. After all, I didn't manage to get the pieces cut yet, did I?

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