Monday, January 30, 2012

More boy jammies!

Yep, I can't help making more and more boy jammies, it seems! The first pair was a birthday gift for a friend's son. I gave her older son a pair of summer jammies for his birthday, and apparently his younger brother was quite envious! I give them both PJ pants at Christmas (usually, anyway - this year they got Toy Story PJ pants, which apparently I never blogged....must rectify....), but I thought that this young man could use a full PJ set for his birthday. I've had an old twin sheet for a few years now - I either got it from a thrift store or freecycle - and I thought it would be perfect for little boy jammies. There are many baseball team logos on it, so little worry about choosing the "wrong" team fabric. Anyway, I used my trusty TNT pattern, KS 3042. This is a size S, since he's rapidly growing.
And at the same time, I made the final (for now) PJ set for Thing 1. He loves penguins, so this fabric was a no-brainer when I saw it on Black Friday. This is size M, with an inch or two added in leg length for growth room. He loves them! And since he's now gotten 4 new pairs of jammies, I think he's set for awhile.

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