Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby stuff!

My new niece is here, and so I just have to make her cute stuff, right? She's small, so I figured a couple more newborn gowns would still be useful. My brother is a devoted Bears fan living in Packer country, so I had to make her a Bears outfit for football time.
And her nursery was originally slated to be brown and orange, with a giraffe theme, so I thought this giraffe would be adorable as an applique. (I got it off a zoo T-shirt, and I have more available for future use.)
For both the newborn gowns, I used T-shirt sleeves to cut the sleeves and neck bindings.

Then we move into the crocheting territory! When I was carrying Thing 1 (and Thing 2, for that matter!), we decided to be surprised at delivery. So I was prepared for a potential girl! I crocheted this sacque set from a Crochet with Heart magazine in non-traditional baby colors, because I thought they were cool. (I still think they're cool!)
And this was from an old Annie's Attic crochet magazine. Not high on warmth, but pretty! And since both Things turned out to NOT be girls, they've been unworn. I recently ran across them in a box and decided to give them a new home where they would actually be used. So off to my niece they go!
These newborn socks were crocheted specifically for my niece. Socks are so easy to trim, and these socks are usually quite a hit at baby showers. I sent two pairs each in newborn and small sizes. And since they are so quick to make up, I have more waiting, for after I hear how well they fit. And I have more to be used for future baby gifts, as well....because they're addictive to work up during movies!

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