Saturday, March 22, 2008

Actually sewing again!

I finally made some more of the Swiffer WetJet cloth pads! After using my first one twice (and having to wait to mop the second floor until I did some laundry), I realized that I would definitely use them and decided to make lots more. :) So far, I've only made three more, because I need more Velcro. But once that comes in the mail, I've got four more cut out to stitch up. They don't take long, they work great, and they're good for the environment! I'm definitely going to be giving some of these as housewarming/holiday gifts.

And I'm getting ready to make some new shoes for Thing 2. I finally cut up and washed the leather from the jackets that DSIL found for me. This photo shows the pile of leather from a navy purse and a black jacket. I have another pair of shoes (in different colors) cut out from the Chloe Toes pattern, but then I think I'll use some of this stuff to try out the Make Them Yourself pattern. This leather is fairly thin, so it'll be good for warm weather. Besides, the pattern is lined. So I'll just need to use sturdy leather for the soles.

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Sewer-Sewist said...

Well the Swiffer pads are just freakin' brilliant!