Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More baby gifts...

First, the motorcycle newborn gown mentioned previously. I forgot to blog about it when I finished it! For this, I ended up cutting the front/back pieces from black interlock. I was able to reuse the shirt sleeves, which have a great design (like the front applique), and I used strips of grey from the shirt as the neck binding, which I liked better than futzing around with turning the edge under. And then I think the image I fused to the front is just gorgeous. The back is an eagle image that was on the back of the shirt - my DH really liked it, so it had to go on. I hope they like the newborn gown!

And last is a boppy cover. My mom found an icky colored boppy pillow for my DSIL, and I agreed to make a few covers. I found free instructions online - don't remember where at the moment - and this is my test. The horse print flannel is leftover from making PJ pants for DSIL for Christmas. ;) I'm waiting to hear how it fits before I do anything else.

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