Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleep sack

I had asked my sister-in-law before Christmas what she needed for my niece, and in addition to dresses, she mentioned sleep sacks.  They were using Halo SleepSacks, but they only had one, and my niece would only sleep through the night if she was in that sleep sack.  (I'm guessing that they keep their house as cold as we do ours!)  I looked at the product specs, and then I looked through my patterns.  When Thing 2 was a baby, I made him sleep sacks from Butterick 5220.  My sister-in-law wanted a sleeveless sleep sack, however, so instead I turned to Butterick 3315, which is apparently now out of print.  I ended up combining two views to get the sleeveless bodice and the long sleep sack part, and it seems to have worked pretty well!  The fleece is one that has been in my stash for years now, so I was happy to find a use for it.  And I intended to put in the zipper similar to the Halo sleep sack, so that it zips "up" to the bottom.  But I forgot that I would need a separating zipper for that, so this one is more conventional.  I haven't gotten any feedback on how it fits so far, but if my sister-in-law likes it and wants more, I'll look for separating zippers for next time.

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