Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More blankets!

Since I was buying ridiculously cheap fleece as the backings for my sons' new Christmas blankets, I decided to finally get backings for two lengths of fleece that have been stashed for several years (at least three, probably longer....I'd have to check my records).  Both of these were purchased at HF.

I have always enjoyed the Mr Men/Little Miss books - they're hilarious!  I remember quite a few from my younger days - especially Mr Bump.  (I'm pretty sure that was the one most similar to me.)  So when I saw this hilarious fleece, I had to watch for a sale to buy it!  I briefly toyed with the idea of PJ pants or a lounge shirt out of it, but I realized my husband would never let me live it down.  Instead, it became a blanket!

And I've been a sucker for Veggie Tales ever since King George and the when I saw this Christmas fleece on the clearance table, well, I had to get it.  I love the tie-dyed green fleece I used to bind it, too.  That's the same fleece I used for Cooper's dinosaur costume.

These are snuggly warm - just in time for the polar vector that hit recently.  I was very happy to have them finished, and they used up quite a bit of yardage!


Hazel_Myope said...

I don't get all this polar vector business. Earth has had polar vectors since it's had an atmosphere.

Also, the Mr. Men are awesome. :-)

Kris C. said...

Good point. I just went with "polar vector" as opposed to the also currently popular "snowpocalypse," which really seemed like overkill to me.

And thanks! I love it!