Sunday, January 12, 2014


So what girl didn't read Nancy Drew books as a kid, right?  Well, I definitely read more than my fair share.  When I first saw this book print, I amused myself reading the titles and trying to remember basic plotlines for each.  But I didn't really see a need for it, so I left the fabric at the store.....and then Thing 1 had a need for a book print as a backdrop for a presentation.  Due to time constraints, I ended up calling around to various quilt stores, in search of anything that would kind of look like a library backdrop.  A new to me local quilt store had this print in stock - and it was even on clearance!  Well, sold!  I'll take whatever you have left (which ended up being two yards).  

Fast forward a few weeks, and the fabric has done its duty and served as a backdrop.  Now I need to do something else with it, so that it doesn't just sit in the stash.  We went to my favorite local quilt store for their New Year's sale, and I spotted the magnifying glass print.  So I decided that my aunt needed a set of pillowcases with these fabrics.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I didn't have enough (with this very unidirectional print) to make two pillowcases, but, hey, she lives alone.  One is fine!  So I trimmed the book spines with the magnifying glasses, and I have enough left to do something else....maybe a box bag or two later on.  For now, I'm just amused that my aunt's Christmas present (2013) is still not quite finished, but her birthday gift (Sept. 2014) is done.


Hazel_Myope said...

Love both the prints. But I'm curious why you didn't give your Aunt her birthday present for christmas?

Kris C. said...

I thought that she'd prefer the warm PJs for the winter months. ;) So those got finished up this weekend and will be on their way to her today.