Thursday, January 23, 2014

More PJ pants....

Once again, my TNT of M3006.

My BFF loved her walrus PJ pants last year so much that she told me she would wear them until they rotted off!  Well, I don't think they're in danger of that any time soon, but I did think that when the walrus flannel was available on Black Friday again that perhaps I should make her another pair for that sad day.  This pair has a red drawstring instead of white.

Another friend loves foxes, so when I saw this fox flannel, I just had to get it!  (It wasn't even Black Friday - can you believe it?)  This is a birthday gift for her.

And finally we have something for ME!  When Thing 1 was taking a college for kids class last summer, Thing 2 and I found ourselves with several hours a day to fill.  One of those days, we visited a new-to-me Hancock Fabrics, where I found this woven kachina print.  I figure that I haven't made myself a new pair of PJ pants in some time, so it was high time I did.  With the help of a 50% off coupon, this beautiful print has been biding its time on the shelf ever since.  I did make the buttonholes for a drawstring, in case I want to add one later, but I don't use them hardly ever, so I left it out for now.

And then I revisited the northwoods-ish flannel PJs.  My friend loved her birthday gift, but sadly, despite using the same pattern size as the previous pair, they were too snug through the hips.  Also, I had not written my notes clearly enough, and so I needed to add an additional 3 inches of length.  Since I couldn't get any more of the print, I used the navy to add "racing stripes" to get an additional inch of ease on each side, and then I added 3 inch cuffs at the bottom.  I think that they overall look as though they were intended to be that way, for which I am relieved.


Hazel_Myope said...

You find a lot of interesting prints, and what you did with the edited pair looks really good. :-)

Kris C. said...

Thanks! I was really concerned about how the "editing" was going to look, so before I did it, I made her promise not to wear them if she visited anyone. ;) But they turned out well enough that I then said she could wear them anywhere, and I wouldn't be embarrassed.