Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New pillowcases - my DH was horrified

So I went into JAF early in January, and I was specifically only going to find two fabrics and buy them in small amounts - needed two more prints for Thing 2's Minecraft wall hanging that I have promised him (and so far not even cut the squares for....).  Yeah, so I walked into a sale on flannel and abruptly decided that I HAD to have some hilarious new pillowcases on my bed - you know, to add some brightness and cheer.  And I also discovered that red tag fabrics were 50% off, so I added two fabrics for boxers and one for PJs - all for gifts....But I digress....Pillowcases!

Blue is my favorite color, and orange is one of DH's.  So our pillowcases are clearly marked with ownership, and they add humor and cheer to the room, and OMG!  Flannel pillowcases feel so nice when I tuck my hand under my pillow - why have I not made these much earlier for myself???  And did I mention that these went from "Fabric In" to "Fabric Out" in less than two weeks?  I thought that was pretty good, considering that I tend to prewash my flannel 3 times before using it.  I hadn't been sure if I could railroad the print, so I got 2.5 yards of the monsters....since I could railroad it, I ended up getting 3 pillowcases out of this!  (Third one obviously not pictured - I used green for the trim, and it went into my gift stash.)

Oh, yeah - and DH hates them....I may have to just make him a beer pillowcase to soothe his ruffled feathers.

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