Friday, February 14, 2014

Several new boxers

Yep, of course I made more boxers!  It seems to be what I do. :)  The first pair was a gift for my dad for his birthday.  I used most of the rest of the chili pepper fabric from the thrift store - I think there's enough left for a few hanging towels, but that's it.

And my husband got two lengths of fabric rolled up in his stocking Christmas morning, because I had run out of time and hadn't made the boxers yet. Oops....I had seen the fall Peanuts fabric on sale at JAF and knew he'd like it, and I saw the Boris & Natasha fabric on clearance at Nancy's Notions.  (As a kid, I loved Rocky & Bullwinkle, and I used to say that if I ever found a Boris & Natasha tie, I'd buy it for my dad.  So when I saw this fabric, I had to have it for my husband.)  Then I got the Christmas Peanuts fabric at the local quilt store, during their New Year's Day sale.  So I stitched these all up at once.  He doesn't know about the Christmas pair yet, though - I think I'll save those for his birthday.

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