Thursday, April 19, 2007


I haven't finished any sewing projects in the last week, and I really haven't even sewn much in that time, either. I have, however, been working on cutting out a new pile of stuff. Somehow, I get motivated to sew much more if I have at least a few things cut out to sew. Thing 1 needs new play and dress pants for the summer, since he's grown and all of last summer's pants are getting short. They're okay for now, but I'm sure they won't be by the end of summer! I'm using the side-seam pants pattern from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers book, but I'm adding slash pockets a la RTW jeans. (I literally took a RTW pair of pants and laid them beside the cutting table to figure out how to do this.) I figure that I'll sew up the first pair and see how things turn out, then cut out a bunch and start an assembly line.

I've also been cutting out fleece slippers. Thing 1 loves to wear his slippers as socks (he can even wear them with shoes!), so when I saw remnants on clearance for an additional 50% off (or was it 75?) a few weeks ago at Joanns, I snatched some up. I use the Green Pepper Polar Slippers pattern, and it works great for him. I've already made him six pairs, but like I said, he wears them as socks, so....he needs more.

And Thing 2 is outgrowing his solid-colored knit pants, so I'm testing the next size in the Kwik Sew Sewing for Babies book. Have you ever noticed that it's easy to find RTW knit pants in pastel colors or in prints, but hard to find in primary or dark colors? I realized recently that I've never seen RTW knit baby pants in black, and I've only rarely seen red or green. Is it just me? Anyway, I plan to rectify this. :)

Hopefully I'll have finished projects to show soon!

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