Monday, September 3, 2007

Getting back into sewing....

So I'm still having a hard time motivating myself to sew when I'm not working, though I have plenty that I want to sew. I just don't feel like I have the energy! However, a very good friend was hospitalized Saturday, and things weren't looking too good. So I decided that she needed some humor in her hospital room, and a funny pillowcase would do the trick! I cut this out from my stash Saturday night and sewed it up Sunday morning.

I found this fabric at Hancocks awhile ago, on the $1.95/yd clearance table. I just eyeballed it through several visits, not sure what I could do with it, and then finally decided to buy it, thinking it would make a great scrub shirt for a colleague. Unfortunately, there was just over a yard left on the bolt, which is NOT enough. But I bought the rest anyway, thinking that I'd come up with something eventually. Well, here's something! I cut the main piece 27x45 inches (since the print is unidirectional, it worked well for this) and the end piece 9x45 inches. The contrast trim, a black broadcloth, is 2x45 inches. It only took a half hour to sew up, and that was with interruptions from the DVD I was watching. :) I have also made these with end pieces that differed from the main print, but I didn't have anything to coordinate to this print. I think that the contrast trim is enough.

And maybe I've been inspired enough, as I bought flannel last night for a pair of PJ pants for my friend, and the fabric is already prewashed and just waiting for me to cut out the pieces!

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