Thursday, December 20, 2007

Still plugging away.... those darn scrub shirts! I need to have four finished by tomorrow morning (gifts for coworkers). The rest (which I have not started to sew) can wait until later. Some are Christmas gifts, but I've already resigned myself to the fact that out-of-town gifts are not going to be mailed until after Christmas - so there! Anyway, the four which are needed tomorrow are partly done. I have prepped and attached the pockets, and I have prepped the necklines to attach the neckbands. So tonight I need to attach the neckbands, sew up the sides, add the back neck facings, and do the hems. I think it can be done.

So the next post will contain pictures of finished scrub shirts! And then I'll finally have another entry for the Holiday/Gift Sewing contest over at PatternReview.

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