Thursday, November 26, 2009

New PJs finished!

I finished my new PJ shirt the other night and am wearing it as I type! It's warm, cozy, and (I think) cute. This is M5511 view C. I like the contrast collar, and I also added contrast at the facing, because I was out of the main fabric (I wanted to use the contrast print at the facing, but I didn't have enough of that, either). And I added contrast cuffs at the sleeves both because I was short on the main fabric and because I thought it would help to tie it in to the pants, which have the contrast cuffs.

I don't like how the facing is pretty much like a bib in there. This is an inside out view. Part of the problem is that I have no way to stitch it down to the shirt, because the pocket is in the way. And that was the order of instructions - you attach the facing sometime AFTER the pocket. (The instructions don't tell you to stitch down the facing - I'm just bothered by it.) I think that if I make this again, I would attach the pocket sometime later so that I could stitch down the entire facing.

And I tried out iron-on hem tape for the hem, instead of just stitching it in place. (My serger is out of commission, and trying to do a double-fold hem after using french seams for the sides just didn't appeal to me.) I'm not sure that I like it. After wearing it for a night, I concluded that the hem tape was peeling away in places and that it gives a strange stiffness to the hem, making it poof out a bit, which can give a slight preggo look. So after trying unsuccessfully to peel it away, I simply resteamed it down and then used a twin needle over the hem tape. That helped.

My finished PJ ensemble! I should have taken a before picture - my first addition of sleeve cuffs were very flamboyant, as I'd made them too long. But I decided that I couldn't stand them, and that they needed to be the same length as the leg cuffs. Now I'm much happier with them.

I like this PJ shirt pattern, and I'm plotting which of my next PJ fabrics to use with view A.

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