Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Luggage Tags!

So I've seen various free patterns to make luggage tags and always thought they were neat and would make great Christmas gifts. I saw these a long time ago and thought they looked fast, easy, and cute, but there that idea sat. (I've always got more gift ideas than time, don't you?)

But then I saw these! I really liked the privacy flap idea. After all, who wants everyone in the airport getting your contact info while you wait for a flight? I figured these would be more useful, and they also looked easy. And then I remembered that I'm going on a trip to a conference shortly, and I could actually use these! Of course, I can't just cut out ones for myself - that's no fun! So I cut out eight luggage tags, but I've only made two so far. Naturally. Because I'm still supposed to be studying. :( But I needed two, so I made two. These are my prototypes, because there's a definite (though small) learning curve. As I figure out over the next days whether I'll have any checked baggage, I may need to make another. But that's okay. They didn't take too long.

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