Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally finished!

My older son has a Didj, which has become a beloved possession. It frequently goes in the car with us, but until now, there has been no case for it. And so it gets carried, stuffed in backpacks, etc. The Didj itself has survived fairly well, but one of the game cartridges has been unfortunately lost, possibly never to be seen again. So I wanted to construct a padded case, preferably with a zippered closure, and zippered pockets for storing headphones and game cartridges. I suppose it might have been wise to also have room to take the recharger, but I decided that was just too bulky to go on smaller trips and would simply be put in an overnight bag for longer trips. My son picked a marble fabric from my stash, and I took the dimensions of his Didj, added some ease, and went to work.

I decided to skip a lining and just make my own quilted fabric, with two layers of Warm&Natural batting in between the cotton, for more protection. I quilted a large enough piece to allow for some shrinkage but still cut all my pieces from it afterward. After cutting each outer piece, I bound each edge in black nylon lycra. Then I cut the pocket pieces from non-quilted fabric and used black zippers from my stash.

So...from the side, showing the webbing straps (I thought that fabric straps looked too girly) and one of the zippered pockets.

And then the inside, showing the outer zipper and with the Didj inside. As you can see, either I over compensated with ease, or I screwed up some measurements, as there is definitely more than enough room inside for the Didj. Oh, well! I also put a zipper pull on for easier zipping/unzipping - just a small piece of black nylon lycra tied through the zipper pull.The only thing I don't like is that I should have rounded the edges of the main piece before binding it. Once I had the pieces sewn together, I had to trim the inner points to make the case look better. Otherwise, the points stuck out too much. So now I have those raw edges on the inside, which I was trying to avoid. Oh, it's not perfect. If I ever make another one, I'll fix that.

The important thing is that it is almost exactly what I was after, and my son loves it. And now his game cartridges are all secure with his Didj!

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