Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy table runners

So apparently I've never blogged about it before, but I've made a couple of cute table runners in the past.  Nothing fancy, just two complimentary fabrics and the 10-minute table runner pattern.  (Which, by the way, has never taken me only ten minutes!  I'm too OCD about the pressing parts - but it is really quick.)

Anyway, I've previously used the pattern and liked it, and I got the brilliant idea that several people on my gifting list could use a "Table Runner of the Month" club.  Aka, at every birthday and Christmas, give them a few table runners to go with monthly themes or holidays.  So when I find appropriate fabric for each holiday or monthly theme, I'm snapping it up for some assembly-line table runner sewing....

I was not originally intending to do any specific birthday runners, but I thought this fabric was too bright and cheery to pass up!  I found it at JAF in the novelty section and immediately bought enough for 4 runners - one for me, three for gifts - plus some extra for birthday hanging towels.  The blue and purple solids are one of the quilter's solids from JAF, and they have a habit of wrinkling more than I like.  But I couldn't get those colors from Kona cotton, at least not at JAF, so it was worth it.  The yellow is a Kona cotton, and a much better quality fabric.  

The green of the birthday runner is a Kona cotton, also - very nice.  The patriotic fabrics are both from HF and were an impulse buy back in February.  They weren't even on sale!  But I really liked them and decided they were worth it.

If I remember right, the ladybugs (top runner) and chocolate chips were the inspiration for the "table runner of the month" idea.  Neither of these are really for any specific month - I just thought they would make good table runners.  My mom loves bright yellow and cheery prints, so the ladybugs were a no-brainer.  And who wouldn't want chocolate chip cookies on their table?

The vintage-look Valentine fabric was a lucky find.  I like a lot of the more cutesy Valentine's prints, but not for leaving on your table all month.  I wanted something that was a little more restrained, a little less sappy, a little more grown-up.  This fit the bill!

I have plenty more themes planned and some of the fabrics purchased.

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