Friday, December 29, 2017

Back to regular sewing - PJ edition

So I got motivated to sew new PJs for me.  Partly because I only have a few pairs of PJ shorts.  (Yeah, I know, it's December.  Let's remember I'm not particularly consistent with blogging.)  I knew I'd made a few pairs back in the past, but I couldn't remember what pattern I used most recently that I liked.  (Computer accident - files got deleted, sob.)  So I took the two patterns I had traced out already and tested them.  The "Woof Woof" flannel is M5504, and the bugs flannel is M3006 - my TNT PJ pants pattern turned into shorts, apparently.  (I'm pretty sure that I must have deliberately traced it as shorts, but I don't remember doing so.)  I took an inch out of both at CF, tapering to nothing at the side seams.  And while they both fit reasonably, I decided that I liked the M3006 better, so that will be used going forward.

Then I made a new pair of PJ pants - M3006, of course! - for ME - also taking one inch out at CF and tapering to nothing at the sides.  This was my test (of that modification) before cutting into the Wonder Woman flannel that I bought. ;)  I can't wait!

And the folded pair is a Christmas gift for my good friend who loves plaid and fishing.  It was perfect when I found the print at JAF.  Hers is also M3006, but she has to insert the elastic when she gets it.

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