Friday, May 18, 2007

A Long-Ignored UFO

I haven't been sewing at all so far this month, which is quite unlike me! But now I'm digging out a UFO from last December and trying to muster up motivation to finish it quickly. I really need to get it done - I want to wear it to my brother's wedding next weekend! I'm making New Look 6434 - view A, the asymmetrical hem without fringe - in a beautiful dark blue embroidered suede from Joann Fabrics. Originally, I was going to wear this to a classmate's wedding at the end of December, but I changed my mind when I found a nice black nursing top and realized that black and dark blue aren't supposed to go together. :)

At that point, I had cut out the pieces (just 4!), interfaced the facing, and staystitched the waist. So I tossed the pieces onto a shelf and ignored them until the calendar provided me with some desperate incentive to get back to work. Fortunately, this is supposed to be an easy pattern. I just need to sew the facing to the waist, finish all the edges, and put in the buttons/buttonholes. I'm trying to decide now if I want to do a regular double-fold hem or serge the raw edges and turn once for a single-fold hem. I usually prefer the double-fold hems, as I don't like to have raw (even serged) edges possibly showing if the hem flips up at all. But I'm thinking that it would probably look just fine, and maybe I could use a twin needle for the hem. I'm pretty sure that I have scraps left from cutting this. I should try out my options and see how they look.

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