Sunday, May 20, 2007

On a roll!

I've had problems motivating myself to sew lately, but this weekend seems to have changed that! I finished my skirt, except for the buttons. I'm going to go to the store tomorrow to try to find buttons for it, and then I'll post a picture. I ended up finishing the edges by serging, then turning under once and using a single line of hemming. I used scraps to try it out that way and with a twin needle, and DH voted for the single needle. I think he was right, and it looks pretty nice.

And that motivated me to work on other projects: I'm sewing a pair of boxers for DB as a pre-wedding present. I found a really loud Hawaiian print in a flannel-backed satin that is perfect. :) I used Simplicity 9958, which is a TNT boxer pattern, and they just need hems and elastic now. I also finished the pair of play pants I cut out for Thing 1 a month or so ago - the ones with slash pockets. I'm really pleased with the results! The pockets look great, and they were really easy to do. I still need to hem them, after Thing 1 tries them on tomorrow morning. (This is a new size, so I want to see whether I need to lengthen them, or if they will be long enough to last while as is.) After I know how good the length is, I'll cut out a bunch more and get them into the lineup.

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