Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another baby carrier done!

This one is a baby gift for a woman at church. I asked her about it three months ago (hanging head in shame) and got her color preferences then. She likes blues and greens, so I figured I'd combine the two. The outer fabric is a mid-weight denim I found in my stash, and the lining is a green mottled cotton print from Joann Fabrics. I had bought it to make pants for Thing 1 but hadn't gotten that far yet. So instead, I used it in the carrier!

This time I used black thread, figuring that would go better with the mottling in the lining print. I think I like it, although I think that the white thread on mine popped more. Again, I used topstitching thread on the right sides. I'm glad that this is done now - I hate having these things hanging over my head, especially since the baby is almost two months old now - oops! So I'll take it to her next Sunday. It figures that I didn't finish it until after church, right?

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