Monday, October 15, 2007

My newest gift idea....

Okay, so it's not really a new idea. It's not even new to me! It is, however, my current addiction. I have enjoyed making bibs from washcloths and crocheting edgings on them, but I ran out of prepared ones to edge and I haven't cut new ones yet. Instead, I found some baby socks that I bought last year specifically for adding lace edgings. Instant gratification! I was watching some TV this weekend and edged two pairs of baby socks in about an hour.
Well, of course it can't stop there! I finished all the baby socks I had, so I bought a 10-pack at the store this weekend. This is the 0-6 month size, and I'm planning to get the 6-18 month size next. I just have to finish this size so that I can keep them separate.
I've also done these in "big girl" sizes before. I made a set for a friend's daughter when she was probably 8 or 10. Those socks are still around (she's now 15), and her younger sisters (8-10) are working on wearing them out. So I bought a 10-pack of "big girl" socks as well, and I'm going to make these as their Christmas presents. After conferring with my friend, I've decided to make each one a set of three pairs, but each set will be identical - to head off any problems of all three girls wanting to wear the same pair that day. The larger sock in the picture is the first of these sets. I also plan to make a pair of pink ones and a pair of purple/white variegated ones for each. In starting these the other night, I found that I can edge a pair of large socks like these in about an hour. Not bad!

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