Thursday, December 4, 2008

A shoe compliment....

So I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she wanted to know if DS#2 had outgrown any shoes lately. "Of course!" I said. "That's why I sent you pictures of 2 new pair of shoes that I made him."

"So do the old ones have any wear left in them?" she asks. I see the light. I had sent her a pair of old ones when I made the last two pair, so that she could try them on her son to check sizing. And apparently he loves them and uses them as his indoor slippers, but they are getting too small.

Unfortunately, the two pair that were just retired are rather holey. Still, if he only uses them in the house, I'll at least send them for size check, and then maybe make him a new pair for Christmas. It's nice to be appreciated!

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