Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No sewing to report...

I really wanted to get some things done last weekend, but I have to admit that I pretty much procrastinated the whole weekend. The extent of my usefulness was folding/putting away a bunch of laundry, pre-writing a ton of health certificates for the cattle sale I'm working on Saturday, and packing for an unexpected trip out of town. My grandfather appeared to be dying late last week, so the Things and I headed for that area Monday, and we're getting ready to head back tomorrow.

In good news, my grandfather has taken a definite turn for the better, and he came home from the hospital today. And in completely unrelated good news, the Percy shoes fit well, even over footed pajamas, and they seem to be warm enough with the fleece. Unfortunately, Thing 2 greatly prefers the bug shoes, which are undoubtedly not as warm. Oh,'s not like he's staying outside that long, anyway. And I'll make sure that the Percy shoes are the ones for the travel days.

Hopefully this weekend will see some Christmas sewing done - like a tree skirt, to go under the tree that we haven't put up yet!

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