Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Camping fleece - found this on the clearance rack at JAF somtime last year. I used orange fleece for the backing and bound it with black fleece.
Pirate fleece that I found in the remnant rack at JAF. It is backed with burgundy fleece and bound with black. This is a gift for a toddler.

John Deere fleece that I also found in the JAF remnant rack. The backing is black fleece, and the binding is yellow. Also a gift for a toddler.

I've had this Peanuts winter fleece since last Christmas, when I bought it on clearance at WM. I backed and bound it with a blue fleece and gave it to a friend for Christmas. She was thrilled! I would love to have kept it, but that's okay. There will be more blankets in my future, I think.
Well, I know! I have a Beetle Bailey fleece print that I bought over a year ago, and I finally bought backing and binding fleece. That will be a blanket for us, I think. But I also have Cat in the Hat fleece that would make an awesome blanket....and I love Dr. Seuss far more than Beetle Bailey. I just need to buy fleece for backing and binding.
Oh, and all backing and several binding fabrics were purchased at JAF's Black Friday sale. That was a good day!

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