Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Current Queue

So I'm trying to finish The Black Queue so that my kids will have some new fall pants. Unfortunately, I am getting sick, and my sewing mojo is also suffering. But I will persevere! In addition to the pants, The Black Queue also contains 5 pairs of PJ pants (Christmas/birthday gifts), so I'm working ahead here, as well as the two prototypes for the Patrick Curved Raglan Seam Shirt (from Fishsticks Designs). I just need to sew up the side seams and add the neckbands to those and they'll be done! I can't wait to see how they fit the Things - I already picked out plenty more fabric combinations to make them in. And I just saw that there's a free tutorial on the website for converting the pattern into a hoodie! I'll have to try that, too. :)

And then, of course, I have plenty more plans! (If only I had more time....) Thing 2 is rapidly outgrowing the size T2 PJs I made him earlier this summer. So he will need some new PJs. Fortunately, I did already make one pair of size T3, so that may tide him over a bit. As it's getting colder, it may be time to break out the thermal knit prints I bought on clearance earlier this year and start making those in long sleeves. That would be good for stash reduction, too!

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