Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures! I finished something!

So just in time for Father's Day dinner (yes, I know I cut it close), I finished this new shirt. For those who are counting, it's The Shirt #4/"Real" Shirt #3. (I say "real" shirt, because DH won't wear the muslin. On the other hand, that crazy loud shirt does a great job of residing in the sewing room to serve as a memory aid for subsequent shirts.)

Here it is in all its grey glory. I used a "cotton blend broadcloth" from, which is a lighter-weight than the previously used broadcloths. I wasn't sure about it, but thought it was worth a try. The seams look very slightly puckered, but otherwise it seems fine, and the test run through the wash revealed that it might not be as prone to wrinkling. And this weight may actually be perfect for summer!

To celebrate finishing the shirt and being off the hook for "important sewing," I decided it was time to finally work on a project I've been considering for awhile and gathered supplies for a few weeks ago: a belt for me! I really don't like the one belt I have, but it was the only one I saw while belt-shopping that I didn't HATE. So....I've been stuck with it. And I have a few pairs of jeans which require a belt. So, without further ado, I present to you my paw-print belt:

I took 1-inch white cotton webbing, fused satin ribbon to one side, extending about five inches to the back side at one end and about eighteen inches to the back side on the other end, then stitched the ribbon down. I then threaded one end (the 5-inch on the back end) through both D-rings and then stitched that end down. Now I have a perfectly adjustable, cute belt to wear to work or wherever. One of my vet friends wants one for herself, and I'm getting excited about finding fun prints to make other belts to coordinate with outfits! These are going to be great Christmas gifts, too!

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