Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little Bugs Bunny

This is the Bugs Bunny scrub shirt I sewed for a friend's husband. He found the print, but there wasn't enough for what the pattern needed. So I asked how they felt about using a coordinating grey cotton to make up the difference, and they thought that'd be okay. It still posed some problems. I used the grey to do a bias bound neckline and add a contrast band to the chest pocket, mostly to tie it together, and I added a band at the bottom with the grey. The problem still lies in the fact that he likes lots of pockets, and I couldn't figure out how to do lower pockets. I don't have enough of the Bugs Bunny left to make full-size pockets, and I don't think it would look right, anyway, since they'd be partly on the grey band. I think that pockets that were grey at the bottom and Bugs Bunny for the rest would look weird. And if I just made the pockets from the edge of the Bugs Bunny up, they'd be too small to be useful. So I chickened out and sent it as is, with a note to let me know how they wanted the pockets, if he really needed them. Nothing like passing the buck. ;)

Of last weekend's pile, I have now finished the new scrub shirt for me - the dogs in carriers print. I'll get photos when it's out of the wash. The two Patrick Curved Raglan Seam shirts just need neckbands to be done. The alien shirt needs hems and buttonholes, and the dinosaur shirt needs the same plus sideseams. I'm also about to cut out two more pairs of scrub pants and another scrub shirt, as I'll be wearing scrubs at least four days a week, starting next week, and I definitely don't have enough, without doing laundry every other day. Hopefully those will work up fast.

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