Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The last of the dog stuff....I think....

So my colleague who dogsat my new dog for a few weeks had made a specific request for Christmas. She has a greyhound who is always cold, and she had several "winter" coats for him. But even though she keeps her apartment toasty, she wanted a "housecoat" for him. I made a tracing of his best-fitting fleece coat (using an old sheet and a sharpie) and took lots of pictures. Then I dug a striped knit out of deep stash and whipped one up for her.

Imagine that on a long, lanky greyhound. We also added three inches to the neck because she'd like it to cover his ears. I added seam allowances but no hem allowances, instead binding with self-binding. I think it looks really nice.
I found 2 inch wide Velcro for the closures (just like on the original).
Since I had no idea how much elastic to use, I simply inserted 1/8 inch elastic into a casing and added a cordlock. She can adjust it and cut off any major excess.
The final addition to her present was a zippered pouch that snaps onto a leash handle to hold plastic bags for poop-scooping. I made one for each of us and used this to test out my brand new snap press. Woohoo! Love it!

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